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Purpose and Benefits:

  1. To unite into one organization all peace officers and non peace-officers regardless of religion, sex, race, creed color, national origin or age, who share a common interest in drug law enforcement.
  2. To continually provide training for members, in all aspects of drug law enforcement through an annual training conference and other training as sanctioned by the Association's officers.
  3. To exchange information between members of the Association on the movements of drug violators and on new and innovative techniques used by either criminals or investigators.
  4. To exchange information favorable to effective drug enforcement and to oppose detrimental legislation.
  5. To provide the public with suitable information on drug abuse.
  6. To work for professionalism of drug enforcement through cultural, legislative, political, fraternal, educational, charitable, welfare, social and other activities which further the interest of the Association and its membership, directly and indirectly.
  7. To foster an atmosphere of cooperation and information sharing among all law enforcement in Colorado, private industry and the public. To provide assistance, financial, moral, or other to other police and law enforcement organizations or other bodies having purpose and objectives in whole or in part similar or related to those of this Association.
  8. To protect and preserve the Association as an institution and to perform its legal and contractual obligations.


The Colorado Drug Investigators Association (CDIA) was formed in 2002 as a means of creating a dynamic professional and fraternal organization. Our membership consists of individuals involved in law enforcement, corrections, prosecutions, security professionals and other eligible individuals from local, state and federal levels. The Association is a non profit organization and works for the benefit of the membership. The Association is the soul merchandiser of CDIA items and all profits are returned to the Association treasury for the mutual benefit of the membership.


  • Regular/Active Members: Eligibility is any citizen of the United States engaged full-time in the profession of law enforcement within the State of Colorado. This includes but is not limited to: Peace officers or law enforcement dispatchers of the state, county or city. Attorneys and investigators engaged in the prosecution or regulation of federal, state, county or city statutes. Correctional officers and probation/parole officers, of any federal, state, county or city penal institution. The fire chief or fire marshal and arson investigators of any federal, state, county or city fire department. The director and officers of the departments responsible for the regulation and protection of natural resources including parks and recreation sites. The investigative officials of any federal, state, county or city department of labor employed to enforce security laws. The chief and officers of any state, county or city college or university security patrol or police department. The director and officers of any state, county or city airport facility employed in airport security. Lab directors and technicians employed by federal, state, county or city crime labs. All investigators employed by the State of Colorado. Federal law enforcement and US Military personnel and other officers commissioned and engaged in law enforcement activities. This includes but is not limited to: DEA, FBI, ATF, US Marshals Service, Secret Service, State Department, US Customs Service, INS, US Postal Service, Fish and Wildlife, Air Force OSI, Army MPs and CID, Navy Intelligence, Coast Guard rank of E-4 and above. No member other than an active member residing in the State of Colorado shall be eligible to hold any office in the Association.
  • Retired Members: Any person who is in good standing at the time of honorable retirement from the above listed law enforcement and related professions, due to disability or having reached retirement age, may continue as a member of the Association by the payment of annual dues. A retired member shall have all rights and privileges of and active regular member.
  • Associate Members: Any person not meeting the requirements of Active/Regular membership, but shares the same interests and common goals of the Association, is eligible for membership. Associate members must have the expressed approval of the Regional membership committee. Associate members can include, but is not limited to; support personnel, volunteers (such as reserves) and spouses. An Active/Regular member in good standing must sponsor associate members.

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