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About the Colorado Drug Investigators Association

The Colorado Drug Investigators Association (CDIA) was formed in 2002 as a means of creating a dynamic professional and fraternal organization. Our membership consists of law enforcement, corrections, prosecutors, security professionals and other eligible individuals from local, state and federal levels. CDIA is a non-profit organization and works for the benefit of the membership. The Association is the soul merchandiser of CDIA merchandise and all profits are returned to the Association treasury for the mutual benefit of the membership.

CDIA Mission Statement and Purpose

The Mission of the Colorado Drug Investigators Association (CDIA) is to unite peace officers and other professionals who share a common interest in drug enforcement, in a collaborative effort to reduce the supply and demand of illicit drugs and illegally diverted legal drugs by providing quality training, open information exchange and speaking with one voice in support of effective legislation.


Ray Padilla
Vice President
Jim Gerhardt

Regional Vice Presidents:

Region 1
 Jessica Tice
Region 4 
Josh Sheldon
Region 2
Ryan Engle

Region 5
Matthew Stoneberger

Region 3
Pat Crouch


Sandra Evans
Training Coordinator     
Heather Long
Membership Coordinator
Sandra Evans
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